Empire of Loathing is a site curated & written by a loose collective of very angry people with objectively correct viewpoints on politics, culture, video games, and food. Some of us use our real names, but most of us would rather not receive torrents of hatemail sent to our work emails from “BenghaziTruth1488,” so, you know. Pseudonyms.

Johnny Islamabad is the main editor and cofounder of Empire of Loathing. In his non-Internet life, he is a starving literature professor and alcohol enthusiast. He most often writes about the bizarre farce that is American electoral politics, which is a refreshing break from the bizarre farce that is his daily life.

Sascha Vykos is the cofounder of Empire of Loathing, and enjoys reading about the eventual death of the universe, berating voters for wasting their time and energy, berating video games for lacking any meaningful player agency, and berating books for being an artless attempt to increase the amount of atmospheric carbon. Exhausted and angry with a lack of quality original content and armed with a simmering resentment for everydayfeminism and “the discourse,” she suggested this blog to Johnny, who graciously shouldered all of the responsibility.

Caconym is the power behind the throne and handles the tech-related aspects of Empire of Loathing. She is interested in queer, Marxist, and decolonial theory and history. Caconym is a bad name.

Alex King, a culturally irrelevant Jew who still listens to the Bee Gees without a touch of irony, is also Empire of Loathing‘s food correspondent. If you don’t like them or their writing or their opinions on the Food Network, you’re right.

Nat Posadas survived an early upbringing which consisted of meandering about the wasteland of the American Midwest, searching for a reason not to drop all her money on frozen yogurt. Now she does the same thing, except carrying a cigarette. Her hobbies include not having direct access to her idols, emulating those she believes have objective qualities which make them more similar to her idols than herself, and ping-pong. You’ll most likely find her dancing poorly to rid herself of the shame of liking the same music as the people she abhors and drinking for the same reason. 

Jun Joestar is a girl and yes she plays games so don’t hit on her silly boys :)) She also loves the Food Network and is passionate about her writing and art.

TN is a black, queer, agender blogger and artist. They provide art and writing for this website and hope to offer witty, cynical quips the whole family can enjoy. They write about race, gender, sexuality, and mental illness and give readers insight from their own lived experience.

Anne K. is a writer, student, Taco Bell connoisseur, and full-time traveling volunteer worker from somewhere deep in the Rust Belt. When she can stop making mediocre arts & crafts long enough to actually write an essay, she tries to use her work to shed light on mental illness and intersex issues.

Rilo Harris is an artist and illustrator currently living in the rural Midwest. When not working on artistic projects their time is spent making sure folks know that at any given time they can hear cows from their bedroom window and that it’s way better than a working bus system.

Nils is scientist by day, communist by night. If they aren’t writing about political, non-fictional assholes or apolitical, fictional gays, they’re probably not doing anything interesting. Does progressive metal count as a writing genre? #CAC (Crying About Capitalism)

Yuurea Sulphur is a 20-something white queer trans woman from the East Coast currently living in the Midwest. In her free time, which is most of it, she is a musician and multimedia artist. Likes: Cats, black coffee, mechanical pencils. Dislikes: Standing, horses (all kinds), and tight clothing (all kinds).

Neymarxist is a Brazilian librarianship student living in Rio. He enjoys Joseph Stalin, thinking about twinks, and panicking at students eating in the library. You can usually find him chain smoking while crying.

Jyoti Kami grew up in a Southeast Asian insurgent family, surviving to tell the tale to the morbidly curious whites in New Zealand, where they now spend most of their time following in their father’s footsteps by terrifying the powers that be and generating incredibly mediocre content on the Internet.

Kayla Hewitt is a 21-year-old college student in LA. Originally from Trinidad, Kayla likes writing, eating pasta, and taking naps. She dislikes institutional racism and nuts in any type of dessert.

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